Robin Fox




Robin has been practicing the Magical Arts ever since he can remember. He is a long standing member of The Magic Circle and has shared his craft with audiences around the world. Also within a Magical capacity  Robin has worked as a stunt man, television presenter and actor. Robin's performances cover a wide range of characters and styles all enriched by an inner Magic that will take audiences on a journey limited only by their own imagination.


Very popular with Public events such as Festivals, Shopping Centers and Christmas Light Extraveganzas. Sir Foxley is a Victorian Magician sporting a Top hat and tails as he rides around the event on a Penny Farthing. Additionally, and with Magic Circle credentials, he will periodically stop and perform jaw dropping magic along the way creating memories for years to come.

The Penny Farthing is illuminated with Super Bright RGB LEDs (Which can be programmed to any color and also dimmed)
Combining this with mind-blowing Magic, a sharp top hat and for even more dazzle, a sequin tail coat, a powerful hidden sound system and basket full of wonder and the result is a highly entertaining, visual and adaptable act. "FESTIVE FOXLEY" has arrived!

CUTHBERT CLOTT -  "The next Olympic Champion"
Cuthbert is a big fan of Penny Farthings and from the age of 5 has competed in several major races around the world, The Olympics being his next big one. He is yet to actually win a race but is convinced he can smell his victory just around the corner.  In 1974 he made front page news when, while racing in Monaco, his moustache blew into his eye resulting in a 10 man pile up.  Cuthbert Clott is indeed a Clott.  Even mounting his Farthing seems to be something he has yet to master and his unorthodox exercise techniques are particularly fun to watch when he is demonstrating them and getting people involved.  Cuthbert is very encouraging and often hands out Gold Medals to his fans.


A wonderful sight to behold. A real Wizard that can do real Magic... actually he is a Wizards apprentice and although he calls himself the Wizard, is rather more playful than his master... more like one of Harry Potter's school friends. Fun, Silly and, of course, masterful at Magic!

A comical Sherlock Holmes act and of course Watson is also available if required. This comedy walkabout act can be themed and branded to the clients requirements and Sherlock has been commissioned for Easter Egg hunts, Birthday Parties or been allowed to roam around the even looking for those all important clues whilst questioning witnesses and potential suspects! (There is also a suitable dog available!!)


The Victorian period saw a surge in the popularity of circus’s, so why not give it a go at your event? From juggling to plate spinning, and a whole load more besides.  I can provide drop in activities throughout the day with The Family Fox's Circus Workshop which includes Unicycles, Stilts, Jugging and Pedal Gos' as well as Plate Spinning, Poi Diabo and Devil Sticks.